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Flood Services

Customized flood risk management solutions

Flood Services by CoreLogic Credco offers a wide range of products to help ensure lender compliance with federal flood regulations as well as other Natural Hazard risk management requirements. Each product utilizes advanced, innovative technologies to deliver accurate information – quickly.

The comprehensive scope of our products allows us to provide a customized flood risk management solution for your specific business requirements.


FloodCert.com, our web-based flood determination ordering and delivery system, provides a simple online connectivity and account management solution. Providing instant access to our extensive database of flood data resources, FloodCert.com accommodates single and multiple orders, delivering over 90% of responses within minutes.

  • Instant access, fast & accurate results
  • Convenient, user-friendly account management functions – searching, tracking, order history, reporting and more.
  • Express Resolution feature lets you accept, cancel, continue and even send complete customer display mapping information.

Origination Services

Whether you're processing a first home loan or a second refinance, our complete line of origination products helps keep the process moving smoothly. Now you can quickly and conveniently satisfy compliance of federal flood regulations, and effectively mitigate your flood risk.


CoreLogic's portfolio services professionals have an in-depth understanding of loan servicing processes and platforms. Our team oversees the automated loading of flood information to a customer's system, and ensures the ongoing integrity of the loan data:

  • Transfer of service and changes in loan status notifications
  • Loan payoffs and cancellations
  • Portfolio audits and updates
  • Conversion of flood zone determinations to CoreLogic

GeoSpatial Databases

Understanding a relationship between a property's physical location and surrounding geographic features is critical to many business applications. CoreLogic offers a suite of Geographic Information System (GIS) databases that integrate into leading mapping and visualization applications to provide the geographic insights you need to make informed decisions.

  • ParcelPoint®: This patented parcel database technology is the most comprehensive available today.
  • PxPoint®: Advanced parcel-based geocoding.

Uninsured Hazard Reports for Lenders and Investors

Now more than ever, it’s important for lenders and investors to proactively manage their risks when lending or investing in portfolios with properties that may be affected by natural hazards not covered under a standard homeowner’s policy.

Flood insurance is federally required for mortgage loans secured by properties in Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), yet studies have shown that 25% to 30% of flood claims come from properties outside SFHAs. Our Flood Scoring provides an advanced level of risk assessment to those areas along rivers, coastlines, as well as those "protected" by dams or levees.

Reports are available to lenders and investors who want to evaluate the risk to uninsured or limited coverage natural hazards associated with a portfolio of loans. This hazard analytic report can be customized with additional CoreLogic data as needed such as construction type, year built, improvement value and so on.

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